DIVE,  2018


For a long time, I have been inspired by nature, oceanic life, and the microscopic. Recently, the work I have been creating embodies and is inspired by water — the currents, the reflections that lie on its surface, and coral reefs.

This installation has come at a time that allowed me to look deeper into the what and the why of my work. A dive into my thoughts. The immersive elements of this work allow the viewer the opportunity to dive a little deeper into my process and my new direction.

To differentiate this work from that of my past, I am incorporating a lighting element that divides viewing by night and day and a unique soundscape to complete a visceral, but artificial environment — one that feels as if it is truly alive. Creating an opportunity to become more intimate with my work in which each element represents a deeper plunge, under the surface, as the viewer encounters the darker blues and purples, and into the lighter elements as they resurface.

Photos taken by Cristina Maria Kameika and Modou Jallow